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As I have explained there are many pitfalls when trying to obtain a healthy, genuine captive-bred Indian Star Tortoise - it's something of a minefield out there!

You can of course avoid all these pitfalls buy buying direct from the breeder - namely myself, and I hope you will excuse me for 'blowing my own trumpet' in the following section.

None of my Indian Stars have had health problems, nor are they likely to develop them.

A clutch of three baby Stars taken on the day of their hatching November 25th 2006. The eggs from which they hatched were laid by Aurora on August 8th 2006. Incubation time - 109 days. 100% hatch.

They have never come into contact with any other tortoise species (tropical or Mediterranean) as I keep my Stars in a completely separate room to my other tortoises.

My breeding groups are well-established (I have not introduced any new Star Tortoises to my breeding groups since 2004) and their health is scrutinised by myself regularly.

They are fed a varied diet and as many wild-picked plants as I can find, and their diet regularly supplemented with daily calcium - particularly my egg-laying females.

My Indian Stars have a definite breeding season, and even during that season they will only breed and produce healthy babies if they are in peak physical condition.

I had an e-mail from someone who said a shop had told them that they should not buy a baby tortoise from a breeder because they 'over-breed' their tortoises - what absolute rubbish!!!

Tortoise will either breed or they will not. They will only breed when they are old enough, in absolute peak health, are fed a sufficiently nutritious diet and during their natural breeding season. It is impossible to make a tortoise lay eggs other than when it is naturally evolved to do (unlike the breeders of cats and dogs which will breed their animals all year round, although I doubt that that is the healthiest thing for a cat or dog to be made to do).

Do not confuse 'intensive' cat or dog breeding with a healthy, happy tortoise that breeds because it is the right time of the year and is the natural thing for it to do!

My young Indian Stars that I offer for sale are all captive-bred by myself, are in excellent health, feeding enthusiastically and growing steadily in a normal manner.

I will also be able to tell you their age and you are welcome to visit me and view the parents of my babies and see the optimal housing setup that I use for my tortoises, and I also have plenty of empty egg-shells!

I would expect any one of my babies to thrive in your care but if - after buying from me - you have any concerns regarding its behaviour or questions about its ongoing requirements you are always welcome to contact me for further advice by phone or e-mail. I am always happy to help.

Remember it's my baby too, and it is important to me that you enjoy your Indian Star as much as I enjoy mine - that's the enthusiast in me.

If you have previously had a bad experience with an internet-sourced or shop-bought tortoise (of any species) I would encourage you try one of my Indian Stars and find out just how well an Indian Start will do in your care.

Remember - I do not buy and then sell animals on - all my animals are genuinely bred by myself (I am the breeder not a trader) and I always encourage you - if possible - to visit, choose your tortoise and view its' parents and their housing.

However if you are too far away, or unable to travel, I do have access to an excellent specialist DEFRA-registered reptile courier (see Transport & delivery page).

I supply a comprehensive care-sheet written from years of personal experience and I make sure that you have all the information - and equipment - that you need to keep one of my Indian Stars healthy and happy.

I have always had excellent feedback and I never sell a tortoise that I am not 100% happy with.

This is why I can recommend my Indian Stars to you and have total confidence that they will thrive in your care - even if you have never kept a tortoise before.

A group of English youngsters bred by myself and aged one month to one year old - showing increase in size and the development of the adult pattern which begins at around 3 months of age. Photo taken August 2006.